Tuesday, May 12

Updates on the Kiddos

I can't believe this^ was happening just about a year ago. I was in class with my active little 9 month old, studying Shakespeare and Short Stories and Literary Theory and completely disregarding the "No food or drink" signs outside the doors. (Not that I expected this kind of mess to be the result...don't worry, I cleaned it up). 

Now it's just little Declan and me hanging out in class, him chilling on me in our baby K'Tan (thank you, Target Customer Service for the incredible bargain!--I'll pretty much buy anything for 60% off), sleeping through some great info on 1920s American literature and through Creative Writing discussions.  

Also no I don't wear a swimsuit to class. This was in San Diego. I only had these to show.
As stressed as I get about finishing schoolwork (though Dalin doesn't understand why since I apparently get consistent B+'s/A-'s by making very little effort) I like going to school and I like getting to learn and stretch my creative side. It'd be a little sweeter without a heavy boy hanging off of me probably, but he's been a peach so far. In one of my classes, he's never made a peep (I'm just asking for trouble by sharing this, huh?) and my classmates forgot he was there. He has only been to my other class twice and he had a brief fussy moment today (though it was my darn fault for packing away his pacifier at the bottom of my bag...) but he's been a snuggly bug most of the time and it's pretty cool that I'm allowed to take him. Of course he basically sleeps and nurses for two and half hours, but hey, anything to keep him happy (too bad he's going to be super spoiled by six months which is at the very end of July--eek!)

Declan is doing well by the way for all those who like to ask. I will say he has picked up a slightly obnoxious high-pitched scream from a certain stinker of a toddler, which was surprising to me (who knew at 3 months they could pick that stuff up??). He does it when he's mad occasionally, but mostly we figured out that he just wants attention because he smiles at us and does his high-pitched little sound and laughs about it. It's so hilarious and weird. I feel like he's way more advanced at three months than I remember Tenley being.
Thinks he's a little man or something. Ah, just be three months old please!!
Sleep smiles. The best ones were all blurry.
He also apparently believes he is entering adulthood or something because he literally rolls onto his belly every time I put him on his back. Most babies hate tummy time. Declan hates back time. He also loves sitting up (not that his neck control is perfect by any means) and smiles when I sit him in the bumbo. Tenley didn't go in that thing for a few more months I'm pretty sure. Declan is an over-achiever. Or just super ready to be playing with his kid sister who he simply adores. His eyes watch her wherever she goes.

Tenley is also doing great. She says so many words and phrases, I can't even think of them all. But some things she says a lot include:

"Pee" (She'll poke Declan's diaper and say "pee!" She loves diverting attention away from her dirty diapers by trying to get Declan changed instead)
"Poop" (we're potty-training...well, she's potty training herself...we pretty much just put her diaper back on after she uses the potty)
"Pi-pad" (iPad. Uh oh. She watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Elmo on there and that's pretty much it. We had to use it to distract her on the long drive to San Diego and now she thinks it's hers. We've been too grateful to have it for a distraction (and probably too lazy) to teach her otherwise)
"Out-hise" (Outside. We hear this a thousand times a day)
"Out!" (We usually hear this three seconds after buckling her in the carseat)
"I do it!" (We usually hear this as we are buckling her into the carseat or pretty much any time we try to help her)
"'mere!" (Come here)
"minty" (She used to ask for "mints" but would call all candy mints, so I told her it was called candy and she coined the term "minty" which is now what everyone calls them)
"choc-it" (chocolate)
"He 'bit up!" (he spit up)
"out there"
"in here"
"more this" (haha, for food we're eating. So funny)
"no way!" (also hilarious when she uses this in the right context)
"ah Pace?" (where's Payson/Pace?--she always "ah" for "where" for some reason)

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I know all the songs. 

I can't believe in a matter of months we'll have a two-year old and a six-month old and we'll both have our Bachelor's degrees. That's just ridiculous and I can't even process all that right now. These are bittersweet times.

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