Thursday, May 14

Inspiring Mormon Messages

I've decided I need a little more positivity in my life to help me get through my days recently, especially during this time when I am in school and feeling overwhelmed by homework assignments and caring for my children. I enjoy both of these things very much most of the time, but I swear I haven't been so tired since...I can't even remember. My bedtime moved from 10/11pm to midnight or later (2:30AM a few nights in a row), just trying to stay on top of all my reading and writing assignments (that darn English major).

It's exhausting and I already don't do well with less than nine hours of sleep (plus my body basically gives up and I always get sick when I stay up late), never mind operating harder than usual on five or six.

So anyhow, that's where I decided to look up a Mormon Message on The first thing that popped up was this short video called "Lift." It didn't seem to have much to do with my life, but I was drawn in and I felt a peace after watching it. Anyway, I really think it's worth everyone's while to become a little happier! And they're so not just for Mormons--they apply to all people!

Here is the first video about service to others ("Lift").

And don't worry, Moms, I have one for you. This one really didn't hit home until the end, but it brought the tears so you know it's good;)

And I made this little banner to sum up the last video's message--in case you thought you could avoid it;)

You're doing good work, mamas. Keep doing it.

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