Saturday, May 30

Declan Hits Four Months

I am a little bit superstitious. I can only guess some of that stems from my Irish heritage, but I do believe in karma and the possibility of jinxing something. That said, I'm fairly confident if I told you I have been blessed so far with easy babies, I'd be asking for trouble, so I'll say instead that I have had very happy babies who value their sleep and drink milk like it's their job ;). But truly, I feel very lucky. Maybe I'm just exceptionally positive but I don't think that's what's happening here.

How we could possibly be at four months already is beyond my comprehension. I feel like time has gone (if possible) even more quickly with Declan than it did with Tenley. If that pattern continues the more children we have, at this rate, I'll be 80 in like six months. In some ways I'm grateful for the quick passage of time, in others, I'm sad. Mostly though, it just reminds me to be patient and endure. 

Enjoy a copious amount of photos of my sweet four-month old (and a few with his almost 22-month old sister who couldn't resist sitting by her favorite brother;). 

This was moments before Tenley whacked Declan with her chubby toddler legs. Good thing he handles it pretty well. 
I love this boy more than I can tell
Even though he's so very wiggly
But I love how happy and fun he is. He's so silly. 

Declan is very smiley and easy-going. 
He'll go to anyone and then happily spit out all the contents of his stomach on them. "Don't worry, it's just milk," I tell them. 
He loves showers with mama though he grows tired of them after ten or fifteen minutes and starts to get wiggly (Tenley loved them for forever). 
He usually cries if he's hungry, if he poops, or if he has a tummy-ache. He wishes he could be carried around all the time, so sometimes he cries when he's bored.
He is still obsessed with rolling onto his tummy and never stays on his back for very long. 
He still takes a pacifier so far (fingers crossed!) though he no longer wants the green hospital ones...he pretty much takes any other type.
He loves diaper changes now (something about no longer having to sit in his warm pee or poop probably) and he has never minded getting dressed very much. 
He absolutely loves his sister, but her loud voice startles him (and tests mom's patience) and he finds it very hard to sleep anywhere near her.
He loves being tickled and has the most wonderful laugh.
Having him in our home is a little piece of heaven on earth. 

I could kiss and nibble on those toes all day (and I pretty much do;)

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