Wednesday, June 4

Wordy Wednesday (3)

My sweet little Tenley has had a rough past week, mainly at nighttime, which means that I, too, have had a rough past week. I'm really tired as a result, but thankful that I have my mom around to help clean, play with Tenley, and cook a little, too. I'm also thankful that her being here means I have a week and a half left of classes, then finals on the 18th and 19th after which my summer semester at BYU will start June 23rd and go to the first week of August. And since I arranged my schedule so I'll have Fridays off, that's only 29 days--no 28 because of Pioneer Day--of class. It sounds like nothing but I still am going to need to find babysitters for every Monday and Wednesday for two 2 1/2 hour periods. Thankfully, I can bring Tenley on Tuesday and Thursdays if Dalin can't take her.

Anyway, that's what I've been thinking about lately.

Now for some randomness--here ya go:

I never had allergies until I moved to the west. When I first experienced them in Rexburg and then in Provo, I thought I was dying. I now have tremendous gratitude that I did not have to grow up with allergies because they are the worst thing and I hope they stop forever when we move back east.

When people say they have never read Harry Potter or don't want to, or--heaven forbid--that they didn't like it), I can't help but find them very obnoxious and think we could never be friends. Unless they decided to repent and read all seven. I love Harry Potter and I don't understand how someone could not love it.

I am basically to the point where I find little to no enjoyment in winter and just want to skip it entirely. Snow is fun on Christmas but that's the only day it matters to me. I do not enjoy being cold whatsoever and honestly think I would rather burn than freeze to death.

I love roller coasters. When I have a bad day, I daydream about going to Disney or Universal or SeaWorld and riding the rides. Just ask Dalin, I talk about theme parks allll the time.

I started my 31st journal two days ago. I will have been writing daily for ten years in August, when I turn 23.

Happy "one-month-until-the-fourth-of-July"!!! I get so excited when the patriotic clothes come out at Old Navy and places! I love the Fourth of July:) Anyway, I hope you are enjoying this hot June day!

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  1. I hate winter too.glad I love in Florida. Glad you're still working on the degree. Keep up the good work.


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