Friday, June 13

10 months little

I feel really bad that I didn't write yesterday when Tenley ReNae Gunnell turned 10 whole months old! Holy cow! She's so close to one, it's ridiculous! How can I have a one-year old?? I seriously just gave birth to her. It doesn't make any sense.

And for the record, I have enjoyed almost every single minute of it. People love to exaggerate and tell you about how hard parenthood is, and sure, it isn't exactly "easy" but we are created to become parents so I believe it's in all of us to do it (unfortunately, this does not mean that everyone is designed to be the perfect parent, but I do believe it's in our nature to procreate). And truth be told, everyone pretty much lied about babies being SO difficult. Maybe it's just my baby, but I think they are SO much fun and the best part is getting to see them learn everything. Every new thing is so exciting to them.

There are long nights (and days) and moments of crying and chaos, but don't listen to those people who are so negative about the challenge of parenthood. It's a challenge, but a good one. A do-able one. It's scary not always knowing what to do and being in charge, but the good outweighs the bad. Why would people have children if most parents didn't secretly agree with me?

I love being a mom. It's gotta be my calling in life, because I have never been happier than when enjoying those tender moments that happen once in a blue moon (k, a little more often than that...) and watching your child--your child--grow and learn. I love it. It's the best. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

And now, for a few recent pictures of my beautiful baby girl. Her eyes are kind of blue;)

Yay for turning 10 months old! Tenley is crawling really fast and could start walking any second now it seems. She stands up against everything but has not quite been daring enough to let go yet. She still loves nursing and even more, (I hope think) solid foods. She eats everything we eat and wants to eat all the time basically. She loves this Alphabet Song app on my phone. It's the only one I let her play with, but it's really useful when she has crawled out of the room--all I have to do is blast that song on my phone and Tenley comes running (well, crawling, but really fast). She loves it. It wasn't annoying the first six million times, but admittedly the volume has gotten lower and lower when I let her play with it in the past couple of weeks. But hey, at least she'll know the alphabet, right? Haha. One would hope. 

She is quite loud when she talks (I wonder where she got that;) and is quick to let me know when she wants more food or if I'm not feeding her quickly enough. She loves raspberries. She used to love strawberries, then we introduced her to raspberries, and now she thinks strawberries are less delicious raspberries. She does not have a favorite toy (I was kind of like that as a child--I was never attached to a particular toy or stuffed animal) but she loves everything she can't have--aka phones, remotes, cords, basically anything electronic, dangerous, disgusting, or poisonous. I think that's common among most babies but man, I cannot wait until she is done with the overly curious stage. 

One thing I learned recently about Tenley is that (like her mom and dad alike) she just loves having her back stroked or tickled. She will just lay on her belly forever if I will stroke her haha. I love it. She is just a sweetheart and everyone who meets her just cannot say enough about her sweetness and beauty. 

Dalin and I are lucky, lucky parents. 

Wishing you a carefree weekend! I, in contrast, will be writing research papers (4!!) all weekend and then bringing my mom to the airport :(. Sigh. 

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  1. this was a great encouragement to read. whenever i think of parenthood i get really negative--how it's hard to spend time with your husband, how you're always tired, how you're always this was really hope-inspiring, even though we aren't planning on having kids for a while. :)

    (and good luck on those research papers! i feel your pain!!!!)


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