Wednesday, June 11

Wordy Wednesday (4)

Sorry I haven't been writing as much. Apart from school business, it's hard to write daily when you have things to share that are practically bursting to get out. And sometimes I forget this thing is not my journal and if I put it down here, then everyone (who reads this anyway) will know.

Plus, finals are next week and I have two essays, and two research papers to write. Plus, two exams and two class presentations. It's a little overwhelming. Especially considering all that is due within one week from now. But somehow it'll get done (it always does) then I'll have a slightly long weekend to relax before (hopefully!) my last semester on BYU campus. I will still have about 6 more classes to have enough credits to graduate, but I intend to finish through Independent Study, which, as much as I hate it, is generally a more convenient option. I'll just have to be really dedicated this fall and finish as many of them as I can.

In all honesty, I'm not really sure what else to write about today. In recent days, I've just trying to be a productive person. Trying to do my schoolwork, be a nice mom, be a good wife, keep the house looking decent, and maintain an eternal perspective. I'm not sure I've really succeeded at these things in the last few days, but it has been WONDERFUL having my mother around to help with Tenley, feed us, help me keep the house clean, and do some fun things that we otherwise might not do because of school. Plus, it's really great having a photographer around because pretty much since I got my iPhone in January, that's the only place I've taken pictures. It's kind of sad. But better on there than none at all. 

These recent pictures are of our little family at the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. It's a fun place to visit!--though I might not recommend going when it's 90-degrees outside. Still, it was a beautiful place and Tenley loved looking at the various gardens the place has to offer. 
Well, I'm pretty tired today and cannot think of much else to say, but here are a few random facts about me. Since it is Wordy Wednesday after all;)

I'm pretty much counting down the days until August when summer semester will be over, and we will be flying to New Hampshire for two weeks. It feels like it will never come but I know it'll be September in the blink of an eye...I'm also counting down to the Fourth of July, my sister-in-law and her husband having their first baby, and December when we can hopefully graduate!

I am so excited for the next year in general, too! Dalin and I have so many plans, among them graduating and moving (can you tell I'm excited?!), maybe growing our family, and traveling when we can. I feel really blessed that we have been able to travel so much in the past year. It's been a grand time. 

Overall, life is really good right now. It is exhausting and a little overwhelming at the moment, but I'm happy with the way things are going. And I'm really blessed to have Dalin and Tenley in my life. They're the best!

Hoping your week is considerably less stressful than mine,

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