Monday, May 26

A Quiet Memorial Day

Happy Memorial day! I hope everyone is able to spend time with their family or friends tonight, enjoying the freedom that America's veterans have helped to preserve for us. I kind of wish I was back in New England, going camping at the Joseph Smith Memorial in Sharon, Vermont with my family and ward members as we have traditionally done in years past, but instead I'll be spending the evening alone with Tenley because Dalin has to work all afternoon, evening, and night tonight. Sigh. At least he has a job.

At least I may be able to visit with my beautiful cousin, Whitney, who recently moved to Provo. I'm so happy about that! I finally have one of my family members nearby!

Other than that, I have some homework to do and some papers to write this evening. One (and a half) for my short stories class, and two for my literary theory class. Both are even less fun than they sound. But at least I spent all Saturday and Sunday cleaning the house so thankfully I have a nice clean environment to work in.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. If you didn't see it on Instagram or Facebook, here's a photo of my cute daughter from this morning. Eating her bananas and bacon;)

Again, have a happy and free Memorial day!

With gratitude,

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