Saturday, May 24

Fresh Bread and One Productive Saturday

I made fresh French bread today. It was fun, delicious (most important thing here...), and super duper easy. Like, it was seriously one of the easiest things ever and made me wonder why I haven't been making our bread forever. If you don't believe me about how great it was, just check this picture out. The only thing I could have done better was taking it out after twenty minutes like the recipe said instead of waiting a few more, which, with a busy little baby accidentally turned into 9 minutes way too quickly. So it's a little crispy on the bottom. But it's what's on the inside that matters anyway, right? ;)

Anyway, if you're wondering how I did it, you just need flour, water, sugar salt, yeast, olive oil, a tiny bit of butter and a tiny bit of milk. Pretty much who doesn't always have that stuff in their kitchen?

This is the recipe I used. I got it from Pinterest of course. I didn't do the egg bit. And while kneading the dough I used a little olive oil to keep it moist.

You bake the risen dough at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. If it is just a little light (like I thought it was) remember it will cook a little more on the pan once you take it out!!

So now you, like me, can make your own bread and be like WHY HAVE I NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE?

Apart from bread-making, the day has been busy with cleaning, organizing shoes (and shifting my winter ones into the storage box...kind of delayed over here), doing dishes, and worst of all--lots of laundry. With a baby, it's killer. It's killer anyway, but especially when you are lugging an overflowing laundry hamper from Ikea and a 16 or so pound baby. You have to get creative. Like wearing the baby in a carrier, and balancing the laundry hamper thing on the seat of your tiny umbrella stroller to wheel it all the way to Laundry Building 2, which (I hate) is across the quad and beyond the parking lot. Sigh. Someday I will have a washer in my own house. And that will be the best thing ever.

But for now, I am getting my only exercise, lugging a 50 lb thing of clothes across Wymount.

I also walked to the BYU Creamery today and hated Wymount even more than normal because all the sidewalks are blocked by fences which seemed to be arranged in a sort of haphazard maze around quad 7 which is being torn down any day now. So I pushed Tenley in her stroller to the end of the Church parking lot only to find the construction fence has no opening (I seriously considered tossing Tenley over and climbing over but then I thought that might be a little risky) so I had to go back across the lot, down the blocked off Wymount road, around building 6, and down stairs with the stroller, across the other side of the church parking lot to get down the dumb street. And it was hot out, by the way.

Basically I was pretty frustrated after this occurrence, but when I got home, I popped the bread in the oven, made a delicious grilled cheese for dinner (which Tenley ate tons of...including my crusts which was an accident, but I guess I'm glad that she liked them) and a container of raspberries which, I will admit, were definitely worth the $4 we spent on them.

Now Tenley is in bed, I've folded half the laundry, I have some more dishes to do (I just had to eat today...), but for now I'm sitting on the couch by our open back door breathing in the cooled off night air and excited and thankful that Dalin will be home from work (8am-11pm today and tomorrow:[ ) in an hour.

Now the goal is to have all our Sunday stuff laid out and ready by bedtime so Tenley and I can actually make it to church tomorrow. I need to go. It will be like giving my mind a vacation from school and responsibility.

Well, I hope you had a fun, productive, and relaxing Saturday and I hope you have an even better Sabbath!


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