Thursday, April 24

Some good news and some bad news--not in that order

As of yesterday, Tenley is fully vaccinated for the flu (and she was awesome like usual, unlike crybaby me when I get shots) and she weighs 15 lbs, 12 oz. and is 26 inches long. Haha I know that babies are obviously smaller than that when they are born, but doesn't 26 inches just sound tiny haha? I just want to be like, "Hi Tenley, you're just a 26 inch tall little person." Haha that's small. Anyway, she's like in the 15th percentile or so but she has a perfectly consistent head shape, so that's good. We brush her six chompers every night with her gross apple-banana flavored toothpaste (I am a mint person all the way...) and can see her little top canines poking through so she's almost an eight-toother! She uses her teeth on her toys and to chew every type of food we give her (which is like everything minus egg whites, shellfish, nuts, and milk). She's a great baby. Super active all the time lately. She wears me out some days!

So bad news. While in Caldwell, Idaho for Easter break, I somehow lost Dalin's set of keys which SUCKS because it had our Wymount key, our other car key, and his work keys on it. I am really ticked that we realized it the morning we were leaving too because, while I lose things a lot, I always find them when I look for them. But now they're just sitting somewhere in Idaho and I am back in Utah, unable to search for them. It's really been stressing me out the last few days, not because we can't get replacements, but because I don't want to pay for a missing key when we leave Wymount or when we turn in our car at the end of our lease. Ugh. So if you could, say a little prayer that they are found, preferably soon.

But then good news--we booked our tickets to New Hampshire a week or two ago and I am elated. Obviously. All I ever talk about is New Hampshire. Anyway, I'm stoked and we're going the last couple weeks of August. Dates are still subject to change but I'm hoping we'll be there at least for Payson's 22nd birthday on the 22nd, Gilford Old Home Day on the 23rd, Donovan's 15th birthday on the 28th, and a Red Sox game or two;) And of course I'm excited about the ocean, Lake Winnipesaukee, seeing family, and eating a boatload of lobster lobstah. For real. We might even be in NH for our third anniversary on the 19th. I can't believe Tenley will be one year old by then (her birthday is August 12th, three days after mine on the 9th). This year has literally felt like three months to me.

Anyway, I can't wait for New Hampshire! Just 68 days of classes to get out of my way.

Do you have any exciting plans for summer?? :)


  1. We do have exciting summer plans! Dax and I will be moving to the middle-ish of Massachusetts come the end of June! :-) we're really excited! -Megan

  2. We do have sone exciting summer plans! Dax and I are acctually moving to Massachusetts this coming end of June! We're really excited! Maybe we can get together! ;-) -Megan

  3. We do have exciting summer plans! Dax and I will be moving to the middle-ish of Massachusetts come the end of June! :-) we're really excited! -Megan

  4. Our exciting plans are getting married in 2 months from today!!! Its coming so quick!

    1. That's awesome! It's finally here! It probably felt like forever but you're so close now! Soon enough you'll be approaching your third anniversary and wondering where the time went! It has felt like two seconds for me...
      Congratulations, Alexa!!!:)


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