Friday, April 25

Back to Work For a Day

I think it's ironic that having a job is called "work" and being a mom isn't. What do people think motherhood is, a hobby?

I went back to work today to help out with checkouts (I worked for over a year at an apartment complex in south Provo) and sure, it was work, but it was nothing less than I do every day as a mom and homemaker.

Entertaining and feeding an 8-month old while trying to clean and organize a home is a lot harder than it seems. If it wasn't, then why would parents hire people (as in, give them a job) to watch their children? Plain and simple, it is a job--unpaid and vacationless--and one that is crucial to the success of society. (That is, the moral success of society. So few people have morals presently that I felt it necessary to clarify). So then why did I leave after 8 hours of work today feeling so unfulfilled?

Was it because I didn't get to see my daughter learning like I typically do? Was it because I missed her pulling herself up into a stand multiple times (something she has tried to do many times but hasn't fully succeeded at until today)? Maybe it was because I missed teaching her new things and giving her new foods to try? Or was it even because I just missed holding her close and comforting her and smelling her soft hair?

Probably all of the above.

I am grateful I was able to work today and make a little extra money, but mostly, I was grateful because it helped me realize that I already have my dream job. And I will not let it be taken for granted.

Why are you grateful for your job (whether it be mommy, daddy, or another job)?

Much love,

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