Wednesday, November 6

Mad at My Husband

I'm so mad at Dalin right now. Before you stop reading, I am not in the habit of talking bad about my husband so it's safe to assume I'm not really that mad.

But I am frustrated with him and I will explain why. It is impossible to surprise him. Every single time I want to do something nice for him or have an awesome gift idea for Christmas or his birthday or just for a special surprise, he somehow ruins it. And I'll be honest, usually it's because I'm a terrible liar so if he asks me whether I got him something or not, he can always tell that I'm fibbing.

I can't tell you how many times I have been so excited about a cool gift for him, then a month or a week or two before the big day, Dalin will say, "Hmm, I'd really like one of these" (referring to something I've already bought for him) then he'll look at me all slyly and ask if we can buy one. And I, being the awful liar that I am, will unintentionally tell him I've already gotten it for him by the look on my face. Ugh. He can get anything out of me and he knows it, too.

That's why I was so frustrated today because, for the last few days I've been looking for a nice, nice watch to get Dalin for Christmas, but right before he left for work today he suddenly says, "Dear, there's this nice watch on Amazon that's on sale for their Deal of the Day."

I thought, "Are you kidding me," and looked at the watch, (92% off! It went from $595 to $50!) which is perfect and even though I'm annoyed that Dalin knows about it, I ordered it. This one right here.

Now ladies, go get one for your husband before he figures out all of his Christmas gifts.

Are you good at surprising your husband? Or do you two, like us, have the same brain making surprises practically impossible?


  1. I am much better at surprising my husband that he is me. One year for my birthday he tried to surprise me by flying me to WA to visit my sister and attend an Elton John concert. He made all the arrangments behind my back, and then when I sat down to write a paper at our computer, he left the flight iteneary up so I saw I was off to somewhere! poor guy...he tried!

    1. Haha oh no! That's one way to ruin a surprise. Dalin has surprised me more often than I've surprised him undoubtedly...he just ruins all of mine for him! Maybe I'll try surprising him more often--little surprises daily, then I'll spring a big one on him one day and we'll see if I'm successful ;)


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