Saturday, May 18

Separation Anxiety: Missing My Husband

Call me weird, call me a baby, or call me whatever you want, but I hate being away from my husband. Especially at nighttime. Simply put, Dalin is my very best friend and I don't enjoy being away from him. At all. I hear lots of women say, "Someday you'll love having time away from your husband," or "It is nice to have some time to yourself," or "It brings us closer together because it makes me miss him more." Well, I'm sorry but that doesn't sound like me. I happen to like being in my husband's company. Sure, we argue about silly things, but we forgive quickly and forget.

When I married Dalin, I knew it was for eternity. There were no implied breaks in there and I don't want there to be any. I already hate being away from him while one or both of us is at work. For one thing, it's boring being away from him. And he makes me happier than anyone I know. We don't need to be apart to rekindle our love for each other. Pretty much every day after work is a reunion when we're finally together again. I just love him so much and feel in my heart that he truly makes life worth living. He's just too good to be away from... ;)

Since we've been married, (you can check out "Our Eternity" countdown at the bottom of the page if you'd like to know the exact timing) we have only been apart on two occasions--the first was at Thanksgiving when I had to fly back to Utah early from Mesa, Arizona because I worked at Dillard's and stupid Black Friday was the next day--the second is tonight because Dalin was asked to do the grave shift at the residential treatment center he works for. The first occasion we were apart did not go so well. I cried the entire stupid flight to Salt Lake and much of the next three days and nights. It was the worst being away from him for a lot of reasons, but particularly because we were fairly newly married and of course it was Thanksgiving. I wasn't so happy. I remember sleeping on the couch the night they were driving back to Utah from Mesa. Sometime very early in the morning, I heard the front door open and saw Dalin and his dad coming in. I jumped off the couch and gave Dalin a tremendous hug and several kisses. Then, because it was early in the morning still, we took a rest in our bed, holding each other, and I remember stroking Dalin's hair in his sleep and not wanting to be away from him ever again. 

It was hard for me to leave him again tonight. I struggled not crying as I drove home in the rain and darkness, worried I'd be unable to sleep without him by my side. I called and talked to him as I walked through our dark parking lot and entered the apartment, where we set up FaceTime and read scriptures together before saying goodnight shortly before midnight. Although I am still feeling lonely, I know he is thinking of me and that we will be together again in just a few short hours. 

He is my protector, my love, my sweetheart, my best friend, my eternal companion and I never wish to be away from him. 

Have you ever had a difficult time being separated from your husband for any period of time?
Do you like getting time to yourself? Why?
What helps keep the two of you close? 

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