Friday, May 10

The Final Week of My Second Trimester (!!!!!)

Baby girl was sure kicking last night. I am not sure why but she just felt like pushing her little foot out by my belly button a bunch of times...and she did it so forcefully that I had to push her foot back in because it felt super weird having a little hard lump on my belly. Then after I did that, she just kept kicking. I kept exclaiming when she did it because they really were super hard kicks and Dalin asked me if she was being naughty. I said she was because she wasn't stopping and I had to keep adjusting myself in an attempt to make her stop. Finally she did...after a long time. This little girl better not be a real handful. 

Here is what it looks like inside me right now supposedly.
Things I am noticing: 

  • My belly button is totally flat and the top is starting to poke out just a little. It freaks me better go back to normal after the pregnancy!!!
  • Baby girl is kicking ALL the time. They are definitely visible kicks now. Dalin always laughs when we're in bed and I grab his hand suddenly to put on my belly because she pushes so hard. There is no question as to whether he is feeling her or not now. 
  • I have even fewer things that fit me. I forget that I am the size that I am when I get dressed, then I'm frustrated when something doesn't fit right anymore. Soon I'll be wearing dresses and skirts only...
  • I can usually tell when she is going to kick or continue kicking. I must be able to slightly detect her small movements inside me because I can tell when a kick is coming when I'm in bed.
  • She has the hiccups right now. Her lungs must be working as she is breathing in some of that amniotic fluid. It's a good sign!
  • Walking long distances is getting tiring. My feet are just not used to the weight of my body. Not looking forward to them swelling up in the hot summer. So far I've been lucky. 
  • No stretch marks yet. I am hoping they don't come until the end...I still have three months to go, ahhh!!!!
  • My milk is coming in. I've noticed this at night. It's kind of gross. I won't get into it but I am really hoping this means breastfeeding will be easy for me. 
  • The round ligament pain I was experiencing for a while hasn't happened much recently. The only time I feel discomfort (minor cramps) is after I've been walking for a long time.
  • Sleeping is okay. I have to be surrounded by pillows but it's more bearable now than it had been. Still, little girl is getting heavy! 
I have an ultrasound next week! Hopefully we'll be able to see her nice and clear since she's so big now. The funny thing is, she probably only weighs about two pounds at the most right now and is the size of an eggplant (apparently). I can't wait to meet her in person!!!!

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