Wednesday, December 19

never say goodbye

My mom flew home to New Hampshire today. Lucky her. 

Last night, she, Dalin, and I stayed in a luxurious room at the Marriott Hotel in Salt Lake City. Mom originally had an early flight out (6am!) but she was luckily able to change it to 1:30pm. Still, we spent the majority of the day at Ikea and then City Creek Mall in SLC. We only looked at temple square from afar because the cold was BONE-chilling and none of us wanted to brave it for a few pictures. 

I wasn't feeling that well, so the shopping was somewhat short-lived but we got some fun things and saw Sister Elaine S. Dalton in one of the stores. We slightly stalked her for a little while (she was in the same store so it wasn't hard) but didn't end up saying anything to her. But it was cool to see her out and about doing her Christmas shopping. 

Back at the hotel, we all relaxed and watched The Voice finale (I had really been rooting for Terry...sigh). Then we took turns showering and I got to talk to my mom for a while as Dalin took his turn. I tried not to be sad knowing she was leaving but it was hard after she took such good care of me for the whole week. I told her not to worry--Dalin would take care of me after she left. Sometimes it is nice to get a break though. 

While here, we got so many awesome projects done around the house.

We completely painted and re-seated our kitchen chairs. 

We also sanded and stained our kitchen table and one of our side tables (thankfully, Mom did most of that). 

Plus, Mom filled our kitchen with food and did lots of laundry and cleaning. It was the best. It felt spectacular to have a spotless apartment...I just need to make it last! 

It really was the best little visit for me--I only wish we had more time together. Thankfully my job gave me some good opportunities to leave work early and take a day off to be with my mother longer. 

I already can NOT wait until she comes back to visit again...hopefully soon...

Thank you so much, Mom, for your absolute thoughtfulness. You do so much for Dalin and me. I love you. You are the best. 


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