Monday, December 10

Almost There

We are almost there...and by that I mean almost done with school for the semester, thank heavens. 

There are so many things I want to probably won't accomplish while on break, but I will be grateful for the free time and extra time to rest. I am exhausted. I feel like I am running on adrenaline basically all day at work. I end up being okay but I just can't wait to have time to sleep and read and paint!!!!

Plus, Dalin and I still need to do Christmas cards...we have some ideas in mind but they are top secret as of right now. Mainly because if you are reading this, chances are pretty good you will get one. 
Not the pictures we're using, just appropriately Christmasy

I just need to find a willing photographer and possibly some props for the shoot. 

Do you have any suggestions for cute Christmas pics for us? I am obsessed with some of the ones I have seen on Pinterest. And since we lamely did not send out cards last year, I think we are a little overdue. 

More later! Gotta study and ace a final real quick... ;)

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