Sunday, December 9

Good Things Are Happening

Life is wonderful right now. It is always wonderful, but particularly now.

Dalin and I both are just about done with school this semester to start--that is certainly a good thing. 

But there are many other reasons life is grand. 

My mom will be here this Wednesday! She will only be here for a week but it will be lovely to have her here before Christmas and know that she can help me with gifts and housework and I can't wait to do some of the crafts from Pinterest that we love (it's gonna be so great!!!!). 

I wish Dad, Payson, Donovan, and Butterscotch could come too, but it looks like that won't be happening this year. Thanks to my job, we won't be seeing any family for Christmas (which is a huge bummer because Dalin doesn't need to work during Christmas vacation) but we are planning on visiting Dalin's parents and sisters in Boise for New Years. 

We will be driving up there for once in our new Camry! We finally got a new car! It is a 2012 silver Toyota Camry and it had--get this--40 miles on it when we got it! 40 miles EVER. I couldn't believe it. Anyway it's gorgeous and sleek and it rides smooth. And my parents first car together--also a silver Toyota Camry--was the car that they brought me and then Payson home from the hospital in. When my mom told me that, it almost made me cry. 

I am so looking forward to the end of finals...just 3 left for me and 4 for Dalin. So exciting! Lots of exciting things coming up...more news later ;)

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sabbath day! We certainly are! 

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