Sunday, November 18


I am grateful when our many efforts were a success!  The primary presentation for the BYU Married 4th Ward was wonderful. I was so worried about it all day but evidently it was not necessary. We did run out of time and had to cut back a little bit, but it still went great. My favorite parts were when the children came up on stage. David was very funny when he said his lines he had memorized. I loved when the kids sang "Sunbeam" together with their little Easter egg "shakers." I also loved listening to each of the nursery parents speak about their child. We seriously have the cutest primary....

We received so many compliments and I just felt so reassured that we did a great job. Although it went so well, I am kind of hoping I won't have to do it again for a while. Now that I've said that, I probably am in for it next year...

I am thankful for everyone who helped me out with the presentation! You are all so wonderful! Pizza party for primary presidency tomorrow at 7:30pm!


In other news, Madagascar was on tbs today, and I realized that the Mormon Tabernacle choir is singing the opening song when Marty is running in his dream field in the wild. I even checked. It is them! The song they were singing is called "Born Free." So cool.

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