Saturday, November 17

Day 17: Getting Dressed Up

Sometimes, it is fun to dress up for parties.

Dalin and I dressed up for our ward Christmas party tonight. It was lovely. We had it at the Wilk on campus in one of the ballrooms. We listened to Christmas music on the piano and ate elegant food with elegant table settings and decorations. I should have taken some pictures of that part.

We had cordon bleu, yummy potatoes, vegetables, great rolls, and the most perfect square of cake. It was delicious--I ate every bite on my plate.

Dalin and I forgot White Elephant gifts because we had just come straight from the movie theater where we had watched Skyfall with Shaina (it was very, very cool by the way). It was okay though because we met up with Marisa Johnson and Sister Lee (from Dalin's mission) during the middle of it and missed that part anyway.

Then there was dancing!  We were distracted for most of it, though we did get some dancing in which I was so happy about. We need to go dancing more often...

It was a lovely night.
I am thankful for fun little nights to dress up and feel fancy once in a while.
They make me feel special. And I love when my husband wears sweaters ;)

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  1. Dalin does look very dapper in a sweater, as does his dad, and you look beautiful as always. :) I also love dressing up. It's just been in the last couple years that I've been able to convince Brent to dress up more, so you are way ahead of the game with Dalin. Love you both!


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