Wednesday, October 12

Fall Tidbits and Thoughts on Baby Three

Hi guys!

So I guess you could say I'm that psycho lady who is already excited about Christmas this year (and every other holiday), but how can I not be when Christmas means I'll be only a month or so shy of baby three's arrival??

I'm SO excited for this little one to be here with us. Am I nervous? A little, but only because I frequently hear that the transition to three is the hardest. My transition from one to two toddlers (the baby part wasn't bad at all) was pretty hard at first so we shall just have to see with this freshest baby. I think it will depend mostly on this one's personality.

If I were wagering a guess, I'd say that this one will likely be an enthusiastic little follower of big brother and sister because he or she already seems to know and grow excited by their voices (which is amazing to me). This morning, the toddlers came in the bedroom and were chatting together about milk and playing and looking for our owl chalkboard for them to draw on, and the baby was suddenly wide awake and kicking eagerly. The children felt the baby move for the first very obvious time and gave kisses and raspberries and lots of greetings of "hi baby!" and then he or she didn't stop kicking until I left the bed.

I love thinking about what this little one will be like and imagining the relationship he or she will have with the older children. This sweet little one is destined to be a middle child (maybe the middle child if we stop at five) so I feel a particular need to protect this little one and let it soak up his or her position as "the baby" for as long as I can.

Meanwhile, I think Declan is already sensing the loss of his role as baby. But I think mostly he is embracing it. I think he knows he was destined to become the eldest brother. His tenderness toward those who are sad or hurt will help him serve as a comforter to his little siblings as he already is for me.

Well, I'm 23 weeks pregnant right now and there isn't much to tell. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I think the glucose test is coming soon (insert barfing emoji). I can't believe though that in a matter of about a month I'll be in the third trimester! (For the record, I tend to think of 28 weeks as the start of the third, since it seems that most people can't agree between 26 and 28 weeks).

It's as they say, the days are long but the years (and months) are short! We're halfway through October and it was September a minute ago.

As for our fall plans, they consist of:

  • A family road trip to Boise next week to visit Dalin's parents (we haven't been their way since last Thanksgiving so we're a little overdue)
  • More pumpkin patch visits with cousins and friends
  • Making cookie-cutter sugar cookies with Tenley so she can paint them
  • Going to swim at the Rec Center a few mornings (maybe once or twice a week)
  • Baking yummy pumpkin seeds (after we carve our giant pumpkin that is)
  • Watch more Halloween and fall movies (try and save the Christmas movies for Thanksgiving and after!)
  • Take a family hike down the river
  • Find a Halloween activity to attend (probably at BYU)
  • (Figure out costumes for the children first!)
  • Find a place to make copies of my watercolors
  • Paint at least twice before the month's end
  • Find ways to purge things or organize better so the house doesn't end up a disaster each day
  • Drive through a canyon (Provo canyon, Nebo Loop, Hobble Creek) to view the fall colors 
  • Find an opportunity for the kids to splash in their new rain boots
  • Teach Tenley to write five more letters (she writes O, T, A, and sometimes E)
Oh fall, you are so grand! I am so happy to be wearing maternity jeans (well, jeans in general) and sweaters and long-sleeve shirts again. Time to keep our hot chocolate maker on the counter and stock up on new flavors.

Happy October!

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