Thursday, April 9

Little Thoughts

+Tenley needed some extra snuggles the other night at bedtime before I could leave her room. She made me sing Love Is Spoken Here like six times straight. After round two, I tried to change it up and sing A Child's Prayer, but she said "no!" and insisted I sing the other song. Fact: those are the two Primary songs I sing the most to her. I think that's probably because they are really easy for me to sing, though admittedly I always struggle with the first note of the boy part in both of them. 

+Declan is really good at scooting backwards on his back and it freaks me out. He pushes off with his feet and soon, he's more than a foot from where he started. I'd be impressed if I wasn't so scared he was going to fall off of something. I didn't know 10 week old babies could do that! 

+For those of you who didn't see on Facebook, I recently won an Orbit Baby stroller from an Instagram contest!!! It came in the mail today!!! Dalin is at work for the entire day but I was dying to try it out so I assembled it and walked down to the Creamery with Ten in the stroller and Declan strapped to my chest. It was awesome! We had  decided if we don't love it (or if it doesn't live up to the $1000 cost) we will try to sell it because there is a lot we could do with one grand right now. (Isn't that always the case?) Anyway, I did love it for the one long walk that it's been on so maybe we will keep it if Dalin loves it, too (and I have a feeling he will)...though we do have three other strollers (yes, three!)--we used to have two others but gave them away. (But don't worry--we only bought the Minnie Mouse umbrella stroller and our double stroller ourselves. The other three were all gifts. We don't collect strollers...)
+Tenley made her own breakfast today. I let her crack two eggs into the frying pan (with my help obviously) and she loved it. She wanted to do "mo'??" unsurprisingly, but I told her another time. 

+Listening to Disney Children's Pandora station all day every day (okay I throw some ABBA, Johnny Cash, and other oldies stations in there but we listen to a LOT of Disney). Tenley and I dance around (she thinks it is hilarious when I dance with Declan in my arms) and get excited when music from Princess and the Frog comes on. That's definitely our favorite Disney soundtrack. I'm pretty tired of Frozen for the moment so we tend to skip those songs. 

Well, I hope it's been a happy Thursday! I'm getting so psyched for Friday...aka Dalin's day off:)

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