Wednesday, August 13

We're Having A Boy...We Think

Guess what! We found out the gender of Gunnell baby #2 on Tenley's first birthday. We really wanted to know if she was getting a sister or brother. I thought girl, Dalin thought boy so as a wonderful birthday gift to me, my in-laws gave us the money to do a fetal photo session so we could find out before we go to New Hampshire!

I'm about 15 weeks (though measuring small--which happened with Tenley but even more off--then I ended up giving birth to an 8lb. 3oz. baby so I'm not too concerned) so it was a little early but the studio said they could tell from 14 weeks.

So we scheduled an appointment at 10:30am and arrived nice and early--Dalin, his sister Shaina, her newborn Brooklyn, and of course Tenley.

In the ultrasound room, the technician found the baby instantly and the picture was very clear, much like it had been when we'd done this with Tenley. We listened to the heartbeat (158 I think she said) and watched my little sweetheart kick around (I could totally feel the movement--I think it's because I'm small and just had a baby) and in just a few moments, she told us that Shaina and I might be right, we were having a girl! She looked a little more and said, "That's a million percent girl!" I was thrilled and immediately imagined Tenley with a little sister and was overjoyed by the news. She labeled the ultrasound and everything and starting poking around to get a between-the-legs shot.

Suddenly, she was like, "Hold on, I may have been wrong. I think I made a mistake." We were very quiet then, not because we wouldn't have been equally excited for a boy but because she had just said she was certain about it being a girl. Then the more she looked, the more she started to think boy. Finally she said, "It's definitely a boy!" We were happy, but again were reluctant to react other than to say, "Dalin was right!" because we didn't want to go through the same false excitement again. The technician got some great profile views but never got an ideal between-the-legs shot. She said she thought the umbilical cord had been covering him up before, but she was now "100% certain it was a boy." We were so excited but were admittedly a little worried she was wrong because she didn't sound as sure as she said she was. But she insisted boy, and in the end, invited us back after our New Hampshire trip for a free gender check...just in case.

When we left, we weren't sure what to do at first--tell everyone or not?!--but we decided we couldn't resist sharing the news, and besides, some of the ultrasound photos we left with seem to look clearly boy, like this one:
So we announced we're having a boy even though we kind of only feel 90% sure despite the tech telling us she was 100% certain. Honestly, I was just happy to see a heartbeat and know my little one is doing fine.

Regardless of what the outcome will be a month from now, it is nice to know we will be happy either way (I really and truly don't care as much as I thought I would). So we'll find out for sure in three weeks. But yeah, we're pretty sure our little bean is a sweet boy and we cannot even wait to meet him!

Now I'm curious, how many of you have had incorrect gender predictions? When did they tell you one thing and you found out the other? Do you think we're having a boy or are you not convinced? (I really wanna know!)


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  1. Wahoo!! You can't move now, Bentley needs a little friend!!


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