Thursday, March 28

This post is just because

Why are there always seagulls at Burger King? It's like Burger King imports them...they probably do clean up all the spilled fries outside. I just thought of that today when I was getting breakfast there (don't worry, I went to my spin class after and burned all the calories anyway). We're nowhere near the ocean so why are they here??

Also, my pregnant belly has done it again. I tried on my new maternity shirt last night (it's from Target and I really love it) for Dalin, then I just went to the stove for a second to check the food and my dang stomach rubbed against something oily. So then I had a nice spot right on the front of the shirt. Quickly I soaked it in warm water and rubbed some Goo Gone on the spot (and some splatters that made their way onto the shirt from the frying pan), then I hung it to dry on our shower rod under our heater. So then, the next morning I do the same thing and when I come back from class in the morning, it is almost dry--there are only a few spots left. So I put the shirt on and head to work and what the heck--the spots never dry. Apparently they were grease spots from the Goo Gone because they never dried. And they look worse. Ahh!! Luckily the shirt has a bow I have been trying to hide them with.

Anyway, it's been beautiful here in Provo today. I seriously can't think of anything to complain about for once. I am no fan of Utah, but I will say that if the weather was always like it was today, I probably wouldn't hate it. Also, at work we had a barbecue and lots of people signed contracts with me, so that was a plus.

I installed a car seat in our car today. One, because someone wonderful gave it to us yesterday and I wanted to see if I could get it hooked up correctly, two, because we don't really have room for it in our apartment, and three, because I am just so excited to have a baby and I am already wishing she was here!!!!

I'm not sure what else to belly and back are aching from the weight of my belly which is annoying and a tad worrisome since I'm just over halfway through. I cannot even imagine getting bigger than I am. I will probably need a wheelchair. Oh, and I just remembered that I am still mad that Target had NO maternity pants for a small person. Umm...sorry I'm the size of a teenager, but what am I supposed to wear for pants??? I've been wearing yoga pants like every day and those feel fine, but I want to wear jeans so bad! Target only had size 2 and XS, both of which were wayyy too baggy. I am not kidding. They looked like Aladdin pants on me. I sent a picture to my mom because they looked so stupid. I really do not want to spend very much money but it looks like I have no choice. I'll just buy one good pair and call it good. I did buy a belly band at Target, but I have yet to use it. I feel like it would be uncomfortable to just have unbuttoned pants on underneath that thing all day.

Before my belly grew, I went to Motherhood Maternity one time and tried on like four pairs of pants. Naturally, the only ones that fit me in width and length (I have short legs so pretty much all the pants are way too long) were the most expensive. I may just have to suck it up and spend the money on them though because I am running out of pants!!!!!!

Well, I need to go get things done around the house but if you have any ideas or suggestions for acquiring small maternity pants, I would appreciate it! I think I will probably just resort to dresses and yoga pants for now. I guess I had better get some laundry done...sigh

I hope everyone had a nice Thursday! 


  1. Olivia, you're so cute. I can totally relate. And you're smart to install the car seat now. We didn't and I went into labor before it was ever installed. We just threw it in the back seat as we went to the hospital. And I had a hard time buying maternity bottoms too because I didn't want to make the investment, but I did for a pair of jean shorts and a pair of jeans and I wore them over and over. It was so worth it! And I don't plan on buying another pair. Keep it up, you're doing awesome!

  2. Have you checked Ross? I got two pairs of maternity crop pants there for like $13, and they had super small sizes. Give the belly band a shot. I have one, and it worked great up until a few weeks ago (jeans just aren't comfortable anymore). The unbuttoned button surprisingly didn't bother me at all. The Be Band holds the unbuttoned/unzipped part really close to you, and I didn't even notice it at all. Keep smiling! The every time something hurts and is uncomfortable, just think of that sweet baby, and how happy you are to go through the pain to have her here. :)

  3. ahhh this is all so exciting! love your blog and looove this post :)


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