Saturday, January 26

Lovey-dovey Saturday

Last night was so weird. 

I had so many baby-related dreams that I lost track. After one of them, I woke up to re-adjust myself and suddenly felt movement in me like someone had thrown a little rubber bouncy ball in my uterus and it bounced back and forth two or three times. It was the most peculiar feeling. I was half asleep but I remember thinking, "I should wake Dalin and tell him." Then I fell asleep again before I could do anything else. 
As soon as I woke up this morning, I remembered what happened and was still unsure whether I had been dreaming or not. Now I'm guessing I was, but I remember the feeling so perfectly...Anyway, I decided to sneak past Dalin and make a decent breakfast for once. I made some pancakes and got some OJ and orange slices together and put them on a tray to bring to him in bed (he brings me breakfast in bed about once a month so it was about time I returned the favor. Plus he made me really happy by doing the dishes last night which was terrific because the smell of everything drives me crazy). I was so glad to have surprised him! 

We were both pretty exhausted and so we snuggled on the couch and watched the movies on abc like "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," and "The Goonies," and then "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." It was fun to see some new movies (well, I had never seen "The Goonies," or the others, but I thought it was hilarious) and to rest most of the day with Dalin. After, we hurried to Macey's for groceries. Neither of us wanted to go which is why we both went (it was the only way ;) and just got everything on our list as fast as we could. 

At home, we put groceries away together and had strawberry-pineapple smoothies. I did not get as much cleaning done as I would have liked but it was pretty worth it for all the quality time Dalin and I got, plus I got lots of relaxation. I had tons of fruit today...oranges, cran-grape juice, red grapes, (the smoothie), and OJ. Not sure why that's all I wanted today, but fruit is pretty much always a winner with me. 

We found out some friends of ours are having a little girl! Our other friends are having a boy, and we know someone else who is having a girl. So where does that leave us?? We're not sure! We could even the score with a boy or go with the majority. I've finally come to the point where I would be really excited for either. I have always wanted a household of boys but now I think I would love to have a daughter to spend time with. It doesn't matter to me, I just can't wait to know! We're at 13 weeks, and we are hoping to be able to find out what we're having at week 18 when both of our moms are here so that's pretty close! Only 5 weeks! 

I'm really excited to be a mom. I wish it was August already! Even more, I can't wait to see Dalin as a daddy. He is the most tender and caring person I know and I am positive he will be the best dad. He is so loving and our sweet baby is so lucky to be getting him for a father. Plus, Dalin never gets angry. He doesn't yell, and he is really gentle, and it such a comfort to know he will be so careful with our baby. 

I hope all of you had a relaxing (and maybe more productive) Saturday! 

What did you do today? Do you have any fun Saturday traditions?
Is there something in particular you would like me to write about? 
(I am trying to make our blog more exciting!)

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  1. That is a such a cute little serving tray! Also so weird about the bouncy ball thing. I CAN'T WAIT for you to find out of it's a boy or girl!!!! And you're blog's pretty exciting so far... more exciting than mine. I'm pretty much just posting 3 things a day until my mom is satisfied. I'm sure I'll stop in like a week. Although it does feel good to post some stuff that I wrote a while ago that's just sitting in my computer... Anyways, keep posting because it's interesting. ;)


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