Thursday, August 27

Life as a Postgrad

Life is so great. I still feel weird, like I must have homework that I'm forgetting or something. I'm glad I walked for convocation or I wouldn't feel done at all.

Today was a nice day as I finally have begun to embrace the great amount of "free time" that I now possess. It is so nice to be able to take my time doing things and truly enjoy my time with my children. In other words, I'm trying very hard not to let time restraints stress me out because--aside from appointments--I don't really have any. I'm working hard to avoid stress in general now that I actually can.

So we take our time...getting ready in the mornings, eating breakfast, playing outside, eating lunch, reading books, going on long walks in the rain, making spontaneous trips to the Creamery and Bean Museum, talking about the temple, making dinner, taking naps (not me--I wish), watching The Middle and then Harry Potter as it plays on ABC Family for the millionth time, visiting my cousin and her husband's new apartment after dinner, cleaning up the living room, getting ready for bed, reading a few verses of The Book of Mormon together, saying a family prayer, calling daddy at work to say goodnight, snuggling in the toddler bed, and singing primary songs after using the potty many times. You could say it was a good day. I was patient with the kids and we had fun together even though we missed Dalin a lot.

Fun fact: Miss Tenley wears underwear all day now. She has pretty consistently had about one accident per day now the last week and it's almost always when she has played outside for an extended period or when I have forgotten to ask her for a long time inside. But she does great out in public! She's used the potty at Target, Seven Peaks, TJMaxx, Macey's, the Bean Museum, and BYU campus to name a few places...I just hold her sideways over the potty and tell her not to touch the toilet seat (or ANYTHING) with her hands and she is pretty good about it! I know though, that because I am publicly complimenting her success we'll most likely have an accident in public pretty soon, but so far so good! She basically wears panties all day except naps (if we remember) and bedtime. And she puts her undies and pull-ups on pretty much by herself (except sometimes she takes forever to put them on...she's a dawdler...) which means I basically change one baby's diapers a day (though wiping butts kind of feels like the same sort of business...)! Anyway, I am so happy and proud of my smart, little two-year old.

Well, I really should have gone to bed two hours ago when I put the kids down but it has been so nice to have a little time to myself. I gotta enjoy it when I can;)

I wish I had pictures for you, but look me up on Instagram and you'll get the gist. We're @lilgunnellfam

Good night!

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