Tuesday, March 3

A Typical Day in my Current Life

A zillion years ago, I started this 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me list just for a fun way to preserve some things about myself for my children.

I haven't worked on it in a long time, but I decided to take a crack at it again.

My days are pretty hectic as a mom with a newborn and an independent 18-month old. There are things that are scheduled and happen daily and then a huge chunk of time that varies depending on Dalin's schedule, the kids' moods, and my mood--especially mine. 

The mornings start anywhere between 6 and 8am are a blur of nursing, spit up (lots and lots of it), fetching a sippy cup of milk, and blind diaper changes (blind because I don't have my contacts in by that point). 

When Tenley annoys begs me enough from the gate in our doorway, I finally get out of bed and pop my contact lenses in before setting her in the high chair and slicing up a grapefruit for her breakfast. If it's a bad day or we're short on time, she just has dry cereal. If it's a good day, I try to make her bacon and eggs. 

By then, Declan needs me and if I haven't grabbed him already, I get him and prop him on the couch in my nursing pillow or in his bouncer with a pacifier. His pacifier will fall out at least fifty times before I finish making Tenley's breakfast. He will probably lose some milk with it 10% of those times. 

By 9am, I already smell like old milk and am sticky from spit up and cleaning Tenley up from breakfast. I think about showering, then I'm like, yeah right. 

I turn on PBS for Tenley after she says "Elmo...I said Elmo" at me enough times. Sesame Street is never on, so she watches Curious George or Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood or Dinosaur Train. She watches for about five minutes then wanders off. I watch the entire episode and learn about making maple syrup or sharing with friends or pteranodon diets. I also know all of the theme songs (and songs sung during the show) by heart. 

While Tenley wanders around pulling her shoes out of the box where they've been neatly paired, folded burp clothes from their basket, and thirty-five wipes from the container before I catch her, I feed Declan who immediately spits everything up afterward as I lift him onto my shoulder. He also poops for good measure because, why not? I change my shirt and possibly my bra and pants. 

I change Declan. I change Tenley. We try out the potty but there is nothing left to go. One of them poops again right away. If Dalin is home, I make him change that child before I have a mental breakdown. 

It is probably only like 10am. If Dalin is at work, I think this is the longest day ever. If he isn't, I feel like we have to go out and do something or the day will be wasted. 

When Dalin is working, the middle of the day is generally a mixture of playing, picking up, changing diapers, offering snacks, and trying to have something that resembles lunch. Tenley has usually been put in timeout in her room like five times for hitting Declan on the head. 

If I have the car, I am running an errand or two then either picking Dalin up or dropping him off at work around 3pm. By the second errand I'm too exhausted (from yanking the giant double stroller out of the trunk) or too hungry to do anything else. We also have probably gone to a doctor's appointment for either me, Tenley, or Declan (we have lived there lately--the ladies behind the desk know my name). 

In the evening, I'm usually home with the babies watching one of our shows, trying to figure out a dinner that will work for all of us, nursing Declan, picking up the living room, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen--that kind of thing. 

Between 7 and 8pm, we have family scripture study and family prayer (if Dalin is at work, we do a shorter version over the phone), then Tenley gets pajamas on and her teeth brushed. She kisses daddy goodnight, then I bring her to bed. 

We do personal scripture study and prayer, read a fun book, snuggle, then I leave and Tenley goes to sleep. 

I feed and snuggle Declan, go on the computer, write in my journal, maybe blog, try to do some schoolwork (but am usually conveniently distracted by a mess that needs to be picked up), and relax with Dalin. 

I am usually asleep by 11pm. 

So those are our days lately. They are busy and sometimes long, but I love my little family so much and couldn't imagine life without my babies. The only thing that would make it better would be living in a house in or near the woods, and close to the ocean;)

But seriously, life is wonderful. I'm so grateful for family.

Now I'm looking forward to some fun activities and trips that our family will be making over the next few months...I bet you'll hear all about them;)

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