Wednesday, March 19

Why Having A Daughter Is Awesome

Tenley and I had a girl's day out at the Ikea in Draper after dropping my dear mother and little brother at the Salt Lake airport. We had a blast and she was in such a good mood and it made my day. This is why having a daughter is my favorite thing ever (hint, watch her faces;):

Random photo of two folded decor boxes...Ikea claims that the bottom one is yellow. I used Ten's toy for comparison. It was quite clearly green. 
Mirror fun.
Back at home...
Getting so tired
Passed out
She's out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me a daughter. 


  1. And she fell asleep!!!! So sweet! I loved the last pics!!!

  2. And she fell asleep!!!! So cute! I loved the last pics!!! And I totally agree, girls are the best!! My Perla is my best friend!!


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