Saturday, March 8

Catching Up After Travels

Sorry blogger friends! I was having too much fun and as a result, kind of slacked off with this thing. Confession: Since getting my first iPhone ever (and first smart phone actually) a couple of months ago, I've actually gotten worse at blogging because I've basically stopped using my camera. I use my phone whenever I need to take pictures, mainly due to convenience, and unfortunately, it's harder to get my pics on here as a result. I'm going to try and work on that.

Anyhow, we were in Sun Valley, Idaho the last three days and had a wonderful, relaxing time with Dalin's parents, grandparents, three sisters, their husbands, and my brother, Donovan. It was pretty great. To briefly sum up the trip, we...

  • visited with Dalin's aunt, uncle, and cousins at their gorgeous home in Hailey
  • shopped in dozens of ski and gift shops in the little town of Ketchum
  • skiied Dollar (well, Donny did) 
  • shared an incredible huckleberry shake (twice!)
  • enjoyed the heated pool (basically a giant hot tub)
  • had a big family breakfast out together
  • played in the giant toy stores
  • basked in the "warm" weather
  • ate some amazing pizza with everyone
  • bowled (at least, the boys did)
  • had some excellent conversation
  • shared a king-sized bed (at least Dalin and I did ;)
  • took a photo of Tenley with the picture that gave us her name inspiration one year ago when I was four months pregnant...

Among other things. It was awesome. I can't really describe it all in detail--Dalin had to work at 4pm today so we left Sun Valley around 11am. Then at home I did a few dishes, washed a freaking ton of laundry (from this trip and Florida), then Donovan, Tenley, and I went grocery shopping, and now I need to fold laundry, do some homework, and pick up the house. Sigh. If I wasn't so stressed about school, it wouldn't bother me so much. Anyway, I had better go, but I will do my best to take the time to blog about our Las Vegas trip (I sort of left you guys hanging) and Tenley's and my adventure in Florida.

Hope you all had a sweet weekend!


  1. I thought you named Tenley after the Bachelor contestant?

  2. Haha well that was where I first heard the name (though Dalin heard it somewhere else) but we definitely were not actually naming Tenley after her even though she did seem to be a nice person. We weren't really naming her after Tenley Albright either, we just like to say that because no one has ever heard of the name.


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