Tuesday, March 18

Spring Cleaning My Life: 10 Things

Our psycho little family;)
Let's just skip over the part where I blame my lack of blogging on my busy life.

Who isn't ready for Spring? I sure as heck am ready. Winter is the worst in my opinion. Props to you who don't go into a deep depression somewhere around month four of straight cold weather, wind, ice, and snow.

Basically, I have struggled recently with feeling even more tired and stressed than normal. But I want to change that because: A) I'm a happier wife and mom when I am well-rested and only mildly stressed (because honestly, when haven't I been at least a little stressed since I started high school nine years ago??), B) I want to be excited about my accomplishments (let's get that dopamine flowing) and feel vibrance for life again (instead of feeling like banging my head against a wall), and C) I love life, but I haven't been feeling it lately so I think I need to take a step back, refocus, reorganize, and step up.

Stuff I need to do: 

  1. Finish my LAST FLIPPING CLASS for Independent Study. Then never again. (In my dreams). 
  2. Paint. Because I love it and I am a happier person when I incorporate it into my life.
  3. Read my scriptures like crazy. With a pen in hand. Because otherwise, I'm just scanning a page and it's in one ear out the other.  
  4. Write some articles for Writer's Domain. (And make some extra moolah. $$$)
  5. De-clutter. A freaking ton. I don't like stuff. I don't. Mini crisis--I love antiques though--a lot--and those kind of are just stuff (but they're stuff with stories!!) and can create lots of clutter. So I need to find a balance. Like in all things. 
  6. Be the best mom I can possibly be--for Tenley. Motherhood = not a competition. That's why I said "for Tenley." But when I'm a "good mom" and I know it, I feel pure joy. 
  7. Be the best wife I can be. Stop nagging. Be kind, charitable, and hilarious. That's basically my life goal. 
  8. Know God. Know my Savior. Make Him my priority. And everything else will work out. I just know it. 
  9. Blog (a little more often) about the good in my life. Forget my many flaws and focus on the joys. 
  10. Be connectedly disconnected. Facebook, Instagram, and the blog have a place. But it should be somewhere much lower on my priority list. After family, church, "work," school, and pretty much everything else. 

Well, that's all that came to mind right away. If you think you want to join me in Spring Cleaning your life, comment and tell me a thing or two you need to work on. It always helps to go at these things with someone else!


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