Wednesday, July 10

Fourth of July Weekend & 36 Weeks!

As you may have been able to tell from my latest album on Facebook, Dalin and I spent the Fourth of July with his family here in Provo. They stayed in our apartment which is infinitely cooler since they hooked up the A/C unit the Ritchie's (previous tenants in our apartment) left us. I was anxious because the A/C unit looks old and was quite dusty from sitting on the porch for the last year. But THANK HEAVENS it works perfectly. We would be dying without it. 

Our weekend included Fourth of July attire, a visit to the mall, movies, golf (for the men), fireworks, hilarious games, dining out, a day trip to Lagoon Park and Lagoon A Beach, Church, and Sunday dinner. Walking down University Parkway toward the Stadium of Fire to watch the fireworks and spending more than eight hours walking at Lagoon might be too much for some pregnant ladies...but not for me, though my feet truly ached at the end of every night. I almost wished we had saved those trips until 38 or 39 weeks so it might have helped my labor along because I guarantee the baby would have dropped at least a little. Plus, playing games like Bea Arthur and Group Pictionary would have been enough to get my labor going probably--we laughed so hard during both games that my abs were aching by the end of the night. It was such a fun time! We seriously had a blast and were not looking forward to our family's return to Boise. 
In other news, I had my 36 week appointment (which involved the strep B test--which was nothing at all) on Monday, during which my doctor checked my progress for me (he was already doing other things so I thought, why not?). He said I didn't seem to be dilated yet (which is good I guess, since it would have been a full month early) but I was 50% effaced (which means my cervix is thinning) and that is good. It must be from all the walking. Seriously. Overall, things went well and Dr. Pace told me he fully expects me to have a good experience without complications. I sure hope he is right! 

Pregnancy updates at 36 weeks: 
Weighing in at a ripe 133 lbs
My stomach measures at 34cm
I'm 50% effaced (but no dilation and only slight dropping)
A few stretch marks appearing (Dalin claims they aren't noticeable, but they are to me)
Experiencing occasional tightening or most likely, Braxton Hicks (not painful, just noticeable)
The right side of my lower back is sore (I think from how I've been sleeping on it)
Peeing frequently (but not very annoying!)
Baby girl is as active as ever: kicking, stretching, hiccuping
Baby prefers the right side of my belly--she's almost always over there
My feet are at least a size larger (hopefully temporarily)--I couldn't even get them in my sister's Toms!

Now there is nothing I can do but be patient and pray that (for my sake) she comes a little early or on time. Dr. Pace is vacationing next week, so as long as she comes after 37 weeks, I'll be happy!!!!!!

Do you think baby girl will be early, late, or on time? 
Were you early, late, or on time? (I was like 9 days late...)

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