Friday, July 19

Attention Moms, Future Moms, & Soon-to-be Moms: Awesome Deals

I did not know this, and I thought it was too awesome not to share.

Apparently, when you make an account at the register of Motherhood Maternity, they give you a little gift bag that includes some samples, plus a bunch of papers with coupons and information about cord blood banking, etc. I was about to throw it all away when I realized that some of the discounts are actually really good including a few that give you items 100% free!

I just got a carseat cover, nursing cover, nursing pillow, and sling for FREE besides shipping! (It's like $12 shipping for each item, but so worth it because the items all together would have cost more than $165, plus I needed all of these things!)
They have cute patterns for each item and after you make your first purchase, they provide a code that you can use for the other sites and get more stuff for 100% free. I figured they would make me buy something else in order to get the deal, but all I had to do was pay for shipping. I should receive the items next week so I will let you know how they turn out but I've heard from a few people that they loved everything they got. I am so excited!!!!! I also received a $20 giftcard to Shutterfly (which allows you to make some kind of online album, etc. so I will be saving that for when our tiny sweetheart is born!)
Here are the sites:
I loved this one... 
Grey and white damask print with lavender minky material
....but ultimately decided on this one (because it was more gender neutral and I have to have sons someday...we're the only ones carrying on the Gunnell name! Eek!).
Black and white pattern with grey minky material
This is the one I chose:
This one is called Taylor and I love how bright and happy it is!
I had the hardest time picking a sling pattern!
I chose the lavender Koi pattern even though I loved the Sonic, Black, and Cyrus ones, too.
I am so glad I was able to find one of these for a great price! I know I'll be needing it. 
This is Starry Night, but I liked Serenity a lot, too!
Anyway, the stuff is pretty cute and I was able to get a great deal, so I hope this helps someone else! Three of the codes they gave me that I didn't need to use (because I already had some from Motherhood Maternity) were: UCOVERS, CARSEAT, and SEVEN, so try them out (each one should work for all four sites unless they've been taken by someone else).
Did you know about this? If so, what other great deals are out there for baby stuff that I should know about??

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