Friday, September 23

getting into the swing of things :)

well it certainly has been a while since i have made a post for this blog!

but i think my excuse is fairly valid seeing as it was just over a month ago that i married Dalin Gunnell for time and eternity in the Boston Temple. sometimes i can hardly believe that we're married. but it definitely has started to sink in now that we have settled into our apartment at Wymount, and now that Dalin is working his two jobs and nearly always is at one of them or at school. being home alone STINKS. i have had two job interviews and have applied to several places but so far nothing is definite. i spend most of my day getting the apartment clean, running silly errands (like getting groceries and whatnot), and writing thank-you notes for all of the generous gifts we received for our wedding. thankfully i have finished the notes from my side...and i am nearly done with those from Dalin's. 

but enough about my uninteresting schedule.

it is officially AUTUMN!!!!!! it's too bad the weather is not reflecting this. it's much too hot every day. i'm truthfully fed up with the 80's. i want to be able to wear sweaters and fall coats! not shorts. i am also anxious because this will be my first autumn without the dramatic color-change of the beautiful trees of New England. below are some pictures that i took a few years ago back in New Hampshire. how could anyone not love the trees when they look like this?

soon, i'll be adding pictures of my autumn decorations. once i've collected some... ;) 

Happy Autumn!

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  1. So glad you like married life. Isn't it wonderful?! I am sure you cannot wait until you get a job. Staying at home alone that for when you have the babies. :) Miss you tons!!


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