Saturday, January 18

Thankful for Daughters

I am so grateful for daughters. And husbands, but especially daughters right now.

It's been a long week of homework, attempting to clean our apartment, find health insurance, and several other boring things. I usually don't mind cleaning so much, but when it has been a week and little to no progress has been made, then it gets annoying.

Through this week, Tenley has had a stuffy and drippy nose and a really sad cough. Yet somehow she has been smiling through it. She has almost seemed happier than usual (and she's usually pretty happy!) and has been an inspiration for me. I was feeling a bit sad earlier in the week and Tenley could tell completely. She looked at me with concern and then gave me the biggest smile and it just repaired my heart. I love this little girl who is so wonderfully happy and cheerful 98% of the time. She is a light in my life and every day. I am so glad that she is ours!
I'll try to blog more soon, I just really need to focus on school these next couple months!

Hope you all had a pleasant week. It's nice that the sun has been melting some of the snow here in Provo. It gives me some hope that spring will be here soon. 

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