Monday, December 9

Play Dates

Tenley and I both had a play date today! Mine was with my friend, Rachel. Tenley's was with Rachel's son, Henry. We had grilled cheese and tomato soup and salad. It was delicious. But as always, the best part of the play date was getting to sit with another mom and just talk about our lives. Talking is seriously the best therapy. Anyway, we had a lot of fun as you can see from the photos below. Fun fact, Tenley and Henry are exactly two months apart (on the day). Both of their dads are also two months apart!
It's just an awesome coincidence that they're matching :)
Comparing feet
So funny!
Big difference in the size of their hands!


Henry was much more interested in Tenley than she was in him
Tenley's expression...
Precious, much? Whoever gave her this outfit, it's the cutest! Thank you!
I hope everyone had a great Monday!
What did you do today? 


  1. Tenley is so expressive,her facial expressions can be hilarious ;)

    1. She does have good faces! They definitely make me laugh!

  2. Aw! These are seriously the most adorable pictures! Look at their little feet! aww :)

    1. Thank you, Chelsea :) I personally think she's pretty darn cute but as her mom I'm clearly biased.


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