Monday, October 22

Our beautiful, stupendous Idaho family

Last weekend, we took a long-anticipated (and very much needed) trip up to Caldwell to visit with Dalin's family for the weekend. The drive is long, but I am starting to get used to the six-hour car-ride. Being from New Hampshire, where you can drive to any of the three surrounding states within an hour, this is kind of a big deal. That used to be a long drive for me. Now, it's nothing. 

I will say, though, that it is a much easier drive on the way up--heading home is another story because we usually dread returning to Provo and (essentially) "real life".

Anyway, it was a terrific short weekend trip. We left Friday, immediately following my Spanish class. We picked up Shaina's boyfriend Layton (Shaina had flown up to Boise earlier in the week, lucky duck) as a surprise for her, then the three of us got on our way. The traffic in Salt Lake was horrendous. Who knew there would be so many people leaving work at 4pm on a Friday night? (I did.) We made our traditional stop in Burley for gas and some treats--I always get treats--then we made our way up to Boise in the dark. I hate the signs that read: 230 miles to Boise. That just sounds like such a long ways...but it tends to go by alright. It was very dark in the valley as we continued up to Caldwell but I love being in town there and seeing all of the familiar landmarks (including the Boise temple which looks much, much better on the outside). 

After reuniting with all of our family members and giving lots of hugs, we went to bed fairly early (considering our past visits) because we knew we'd be getting up around 7 or 8am to begin preparing to leave for pictures at 9am. 

Well, fail on that front because I slept through my STUPID alarm (set for 7am) for an hour. I thought I was doomed. If you have ever experienced my hair in person, you know it is completely impossible to curl it all in an hour. But somehow--somehow--I got by and made it satisfactory for photos. I think it was because of Dalin. As I was panicking upon waking up at 8am, he cheered me on, saying, "You can do it, lovie." Let's just say, it's a miracle that I do not look exhausted or totally ruffled in these pictures. In fact, I was pleasantly shocked to find I liked almost all of them. 

Here are some of my favorites! Which do you like?

The cropping here was an accident but then I kind of liked it

LOVE the suitcases and LOVE the four men standing behind us four attractive women and baby.
The family: Jensen, Shaina, Olivia, Dalin, JeNeale (Mom), Brent (Dad), Shay, Cassie, and Maddox
Our additional family member, Layton ;)
Staring deeply into each other's eyes...trying not to laugh ;)
One of my most favorite pictures of us :) Plus I love that antique chair!
Hold me tight
How did I get so lucky?! :)
How attractive is my husband and his family??

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